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"The Big Book of Chess Tactics’ is the new, revised and completed version of one of my favourite books as I read as a child —‘A sakktaktika titkai’ (Tactical Targets in Chess). In 800 pages the book shows the full range of tactical blows in a coherent system step by step. The structure developed by the author and the consistently applied pedagogical principles make it possible for everyone, even those learning on their own, to become familiar with the magic world of combinations while increasing their Elo rating considerably in the meantime. For trainers and teachers of chess the present work is indispensable. I hope that this book, just like the previous versions, will be very successful."

Csaba Balogh International Grandmaster, Member of Hungarian Olympic Team

"We have recently acquared a copy of the first volume of ’Tactical Targets in Chess’, and we are writing to thank you for the pleasure that it is giving us. The positions are subtle, particularly well chosen, and well analysed."

Philip and John Bentin Oxford, England

"First of all my congratulations for your two books dedicated to tactics in chess. I appreciate them as the most valuable collection of chess excersises and they come very useful for increasing my skills."

Carlo Mazzon Parma, Italy

"First of all I would like to thank you for the brilliant books of tactical targets in chess, as they really helped me improving my chess. And my experience taught me that this learning can go on until a high level anyway."

Victor de Bruin Eindhoven, Holland

"First of all I want to thank you for making the book Tactical Targets in Chess. I am a 1550 Elo player, and I enjoy excercising with your book very much. Your book is the one I like most. I practice almost every day since a year now, and I still enjoy it. I hope you will continue your work."

Olivier Huizer from Holland

"I have read your books and used your programme on chesstactics. They are really useful for the chessplayers, so I will write a review about them to the Italian mailgroup of chess players…"

Alberto Travaglini from Italy

"I am enjoying your books- thanks."

Paul Fielding

"Greetings from Ottawa, Canada! I was checking out your 2 books, Tactical Targets in Chess Volumes 1 and 2. I was very pleased with both of them."

Larry Hillyard from Canada

"I am from Slovenija. I’ve studied your books Tactical Targets in Chess. They are the best."

Denis Marinsek from Slovenia

"I’m in the middle of the first volume and find it very interesting and entertaining."

Stephane Coulombier from France

"First of all I would like to congratulate you on your book. ... I love playing chess very much and I am glad to see that better and better chess books are published from time to time. But I have not found a book like yours, so I am particulaly happy to have a copy of it. . I like this book very much and I wish you further successes."

Rikkert Gilbert Hungary

"I am Kázmér Karádi, a medical researcher from Pécs, Hungary. I bought your chess book a couple of months ago and I would like to congratulate you on it. I like playing chess very much and your book helps me improve my knowledge a lot. At present I play on a chess portal where about 300,000 people do the same from all over the world. We have very good games. Last month, I enrolled a 7 strong tournament. After the initial games I got the 6th place. Then I studied The Big Book of Chess Tactics and my achievement improved spectacularly. Finally I got the 3rd place in the tournament. Again, I want to congratulate you on your book."

Kázmér Karádi Hungary