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The Big Book of Chess Tactics

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Our book, "The Big Book of Chess Tactics" is an extended edition of the book "Tactical Targets in Chess 1-2" which was a great success.

The 800 pages book contains 2000 chess combinations and it covers all areas of chess tactics.

If you wish, you can read this book even without having a chess board at hand.

Each section starts with dedicated samples and ends with the solutions of the combinations.

The book also contains an overall summary with 400 samples and their solutions which covers all the different areas of chess tactics.

The topics of the book:

Decisive material advantage:

  • double attack
  • batteries
  • pins
  • pawn promotion
  • problems in cooperation
  • mate threat

Mate combination:

  • the weakness of the back rank
  • the pawn strukture of the king position
  • defensive pieces in the king position
  • king got stuck in the middle

Positional sacrifice

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