• Our online database contains 2506 combinations

How it works

Our website contains more than 2500 chess combinations grouped by different attributes. These combinations can be filtered in more than 2000 ways. It is possible to go through all the combinations in an order defined by the author. If you wish to do this you need to setup all parameters to “All” in the Search panel.

chessp.com’s system stores the combinations which are already viewed or solved, so in case of a new search the user can choose among the ‘non-viewed’ or ‘non-solved’ combinations.

After either the combination is solved or the solution is viewed you can ‘play’ the game either by clicking the steps of the main variation (bold) or the sub variations of the combination.

The step options are marked with blue colour. The current position is marked with red, the connected steps are marked with orange.
You can go to the next game at any time.

There are three types of combinations: Free, Login required, Payment required.
All combinations can be viewed, but in case of ‘Login required’ or ‘Payment required’ status the combinations cannot be solved and the solution is not visible.

In the book ‘The Big Book of Chess Tactics’ there are 2000 combinations available of our website’s 2500+ combinations.
On our website you can buy a yearly subscription to get an access to the 2500+ combinations and/or you can buy ‘The Big Book of Chess Tactics’ book.